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[W]ONDERZOEKER. what 's in a name.

Hi, I am Liza. Milena and Mieke asked if I could be a [w]onderzoeker at their next international training for social circus trainers.

" A [w]onderzoeker? Yes Yes yes yess yessss yeeess! I think I could be that!" I said, just before asking what they meant.

‘Onderzoeker’ means ‘researcher’. (I know).

I am not a researcher. (I know).

I tried. But I am not. I suppose I am not because my reasoning tends to get stuck when I don’t move. Ideas don’t come out, when I stay in. And I lack inspiration if I’m not in actual contact with something or someone else.

I do wonder though. And that I do a lot. I wonder if, I wonder whether, I wonder how, I wonder when, I wonder what, …

Maybe I could be a researcher. If only.. -nów I wonder- if only I could investigate not only what I read, but also what I feel. If I was allowed to publish some intuitive ideas and let thém be peer reviewed. If I could spend more time experiencing what I’m investigating, then overthinking it.

Yes Yes yes yess yessss yeeess! I said.

Still wondering if, whether, how, when what..

But I’ll be at wonder! Wandering around. Wondering around too, I guess.

And I hope you all do so too.

See you very very soon!

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