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"Woooh' It's incredible!"

After introducing the wonder-team, Milena realizes she’s wondering what everyone’s name is and how they relate to circus. Probably some others are curious too. :-)

Claudia kicks off introducing herself. Through all the stories, I hear about how circus was meaningful in your own life (freedom! Creativity! Sensation! Sharing!) and how you want it to be meaningful for different kind of others (Vulnerable youth, youngsters with autism, Alzheimer patients, families, ..).

There is this ‘common sense’ that circus can really mean something. And it seems it has something to do with wonderment. As Dirk expresses it: “wooh! It’s incredible, that world!” talking about the new world that opened for hem when he came in contact with circus. The sense of wonderment when encountering something entirely new, breaking open your own references of thought. For Dirk it had to do with a world where activities give you opportunities to do more then you thought you could (miraculous!). A world where you get better and better without the feeling there is any ‘ranking’. Feeling like being a part of a ‘band of musicians’. …

As a wonderzoeker, I am curious how to work with this sense of wonderment. How can we facilitate being wondered by circus(activities), in the sense that it brings us something new. Because encountering new things that widen our references of thought, is exactly what (experiential) learning is all about. What do we do with ou youngsters / pupils when we see the surprise in their eyes? Do we understand what it means to them? Which new world opens up for them?

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