Wonder (before Down-side up).

Training for circus youth workers working with NEET's, combining experiential learning and groupdynamics in circus, starting from wonder.

Wonder aims to explore how circus and experiential learning can be combined in practice. We believe this combination will lead to qualitative, meaningful, and innovative practices which will allow the introduction of new approaches in the work with vulnerable youth. We want to contribute to the research for qualitative youth work in Flanders and Europe.

Wonder wonders about the following three research questions
1. How can we focus more on physical, non-verbal expression and communication within (experiential) learning?
2. How can we implement more wonderment and less frustration as a driver of (experiential) learning?
3. Which influence does physical contact have on models of group dynamics?

The activity

Wonder is an 8-days training where the participants:

will live through an experiential group process;
will use meta reflection to frame and reframe their experiences within models of experiential
learning and group dynamics;
will work themselves on developing new methods with this theoretical background;

The group of participants will consist of a mixture of 16 circus teachers who have experience in working with NEET's and youth workers from special youth care and who are interested in working with wonderment.

Belgium, Ondersteboven vzw
Italy, Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Giocolieri e Dintorni 
Spain, Asociación de malabaristas y artistas de circo Zirkozaurre 
France, Fédération Française des Ecoles de Cirque 

5 - 12 September 2019
We expect all participants to join the whole period. It is not possible to come late or leave early.

Belgium, Sint-Niklaas
We will train in the most cosy circus venue in Flanders: Circus Punt

Participation fee of 250 euro for training, accommodation and food from 5 till 12 September. Erasmus + budget covers travel costs (up to a maximum amount).

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